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Professional Family Photos In Flagstaff

Looking for professional, authentic family portraits? This is the place. We've been making portraits for families in Flagstaff since 1996. We always aim to showcase your particular family's unique character and personality, so we take the time to get to know you. Because the whole process is customized for you, the result is that you get more than just some "generic family pictures". You'll end up with family treasures, part of your family's precious history.


Whether we make portraits of your family in our downtown studio or in one of our favorite stunning Flagstaff locations, we hope you'll think "Wow. That is SO us.” But on a good day when you're all at your best! :) After the session, we make beautiful, photoshopped wall art, custom holiday cards, family albums and social media files that you can share. (You know how everyone is always asking you for those, making you feel super guilty? We can help.:)


Read the blog posts below to go behind the scenes with some of our family portrait sessions.


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Please get in touch with us - you may be elligible to win a trip to Hawaii! Ok, not really. We're just kidding about that, but getting beautiful portraits is even better! They do last a lot longer than a trip does. We'd truly love to meet you and hear your story.

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