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Newborn PHOTOGRAPHY IN FlagstafF

If you're pregnant, in the process of adopting, or have newborn in your arms right now, congratulations!!!! It's such an exciting time, waiting for your new baby to arrive and then learning day by day the needs and habits of your particular little one. There has never been a baby exactly like yours in the history of the world. How cool is that? After 3 decades of being a newborn photographer, that still never ceases to amaze me.

When you choose us to photograph your newborn, we get to know you and your family so we can create unique, timeless, authentic portraits of your baby and his / her family. :) We have a portrait photography studio in downtown Flagstaff (with it's own parking!) with all the comfort items you could need. We have a changing table with newborn diapers and wipes, drinks, snacks, even a Boppy pillow so you can feed your baby while you're here. We lovingly obsess over your portraits to make beautiful, Photoshopped wall art, one of a kind birth announcements, portrait albums and social media files to share with all of your loved ones. It’s so fun to see how excited everyone gets when they see your baby's pictures!

Whether your newborn is sleeping, eating, crying, spitting up, pooping or wide awake, making weird unfocused googley eyes, that’s who he or she is at that moment and to me, that’s beautiful. We don't expect them to be asleep in every picture and we dont try to copy those overdone trends. We want to show YOUR new little baby's unique personality, not the latest fad. (By the way, new babies aren’t actually able to prop their own heads up in their hands.) We do encourage you to bring meaningful, personal items to your session, like that blanket your grandma made for you or that toy that you played with as a baby. You’ll notice in the portraits that the whole family is welcome to join in the photographic experience. This is a hugely important chapter in your lives. Later, you’ll be so grateful to be able to look back on these moments. We’d love to help you document this amazing time in portraits.

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