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Professional Maternity Portrait Photos

Are you pregnant right now? Congratulations!!!! But seriously, now that you're expecting, have you ever just paraded around your house, swathed in gauzy fabric that precisely covered your private parts while continually gazing down lovingly at your round belly? Yeah, me neither. That's why I try to steer clear of that particular fad. I want you to look like you, your best self. I want you to wear those clothes that show off your wonderful, fertile shape and make you feel good. I think that every pregnant woman, no matter what shape, shade or size is absolutely beautiful. My hope is to show you what I see when I look at you; you're making another human being!


You. Are. AMAZING!


When you choose us for professional maternity portrait photos, we get to know you so we can create unique, timeless, authentic portraits for you. We have a portrait photography studio in downtown Flagstaff (with it's own parking!) with all the comfort items you could need and you can choose between a studio or location photo session to show off your baby bump.


You’ll notice in the pregnancy pictures here that the whole family is welcome to join in the photographic experience. This is a hugely important chapter in your lives and we’d love to help you document it in portraits. Later, you and your growing child will be so grateful to be able to look back on these moments. After the session, we lovingly obsess over your portraits to make beautiful, Photoshopped wall art, one of a kind birth announcements, albums and social media files to share with loved ones. And I know you're wondering: Yes, we can Photoshop out your stretch marks! :)



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