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Kelsey, Flagstaff High School, Class of 2020 – senior portraits

I have the pleasure of working with Vicky fairly often, and she is relentlessly awesome – super organized, fun, and a phenomenal herder of cats. (You try corralling a bunch of very nice but super busy surgeons for photo shoots, working around their myriad clinic hours and surgery schedules!) She seems to manage all the components of whatever we’re collaborating on with total mastery and an easy going laugh. But, it had been 8 plus years since my last portraits with her daughter, so I was needless-to-say blown away by this tall, beautiful adult Kelsey. She stepped out from behind the wheel of her truck, with her beloved but sometimes crazy rescue dog, Candy, trailing her.

Flagstaff senior portrait on location
Flagstaff senior portrait, jeans, boots and her dog

Kelsey was a little kid the last time I’d photographed her with her toys and stuffed animals. Now, she’d somehow morphed into something along the lines of a country music maven or maybe just a nonchalantly glamorous movie star. She was still humble, sweet, and a total joy to make portraits with. She graduates from Flag High this week, after a very unique senior year. I’m so happy for her!

Senior Portrait in Flagstaff
Flagstaff High School senior portrait

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