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Flagstaff Portrait Photographer – 5 reasons to have portraits done during summer

Are you thinking of waiting until the fall to get portraits of your family? Here are my top five reasons to have your family portraits made during the summer:

1. Coordinating schedules is usually easier for families in the summer. You wont have to work around school events, sports, lessons and other after-school activities.


2. People often feel more “portrait-ready” in the summer. They’re outdoors, getting tan and are usually more active than during the holidays.

3. Your stress level will be dramatically reduced when your holiday gift giving & holiday cards are completed before the rush sets in.

4. Photographers (like me) have far more availability in the summer than during the fall, so getting the time slot you want is a lot easier.


Laughing Girl Summer Portrait


5. If you prefer outdoor portraits, summer in Flagstaff is an amazing time. It’s truly beautiful outside.



How long has it been since your last real family portrait? Families change fast, and it’s a great feeling to know you’ve captured these precious days together. So put something on the calendar. You are going to feel so smart!



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