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The story behind the sign – portrait memories in Flagstaff

It’s the first time I cried while changing the picture on our photography studio’s sign. We switch the portraits on our sign every few months but we put this portrait of a father and son up for a very different reason than the usual. We want to honor a friend who just passed away unexpectedly. Ed George was an amazing cinematographer/ still photographer, and an all-around great guy. Every time I saw him, his passion for his work, his family, and his life were very evident. His inner delight and enthusiasm shined out of his crystal clear, crinkly blue eyes. You can see some of his character in these portraits with his son, Kyle.

Father and Son Portrait, Flagstaff, AZ

A few months ago, I was talking to Ed about his latest globe-trotting adventures. He’d been to several countries recently, was working on an amazing film project here in town and then planned to gallivant off to yet another exotic locale. Through his work, he’d been stalked by lions, filmed anacondas, swam with sharks. I said “Wow, Ed! Do you ever stop to realize that you have an amazing, enviable life? I mean, so many people only dream of the kind of life you have and would probably love to trade places with you!” He paused, smiled and said, “Yeah, well I’m not getting rich, but yes, it  is a great life. I really feel grateful.”

Father and Son Portrait, Flagstaff, AZ

This beautiful, very short film about Ed George is worth watching.

He will be missed.

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