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Flagstaff Photographer’s Blog Gets a Makeover

I read the information with that sinking feeling you get when something lands on your desk that you would vehemently prefer to avoid. Google was changing its search engine rules and soon my blog would essentially be invisible online. People searching for a northern Arizona photographer or portraits in Flagstaff wouldn’t be able to find me and my blog. I needed expert help because it was way above my skill set and let’s be honest, “vintage” is not cool when it comes to internet-based technology.

My friend Drake Louks knew exactly what to do, of course. He basically gave this dusty old blog a renovation and here it is now, running smoothly, looking refreshed. I am so grateful to Drake but I’ll admit… I’m also feeling a tiny bit proud of myself! He really empowered me to learn how to manage a lot of the behind-the-scenes technical stuff myself too. I’m astonished that I’m actually having fun with it now. Thanks, Drake! If you want to take advantage of Drake’s mad IT skills, get in touch with him yourself at Arizona Tech Advisors.


Drake with his right hand dog, Carl – the sweetest, most patient dog ever. Carl is wonderful, except for the recent skunking, which I’m happy report I wasn’t subjected to when I photographed him. 🙂Professional Portrait Flagstaff AZ

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