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Miracle Baby – Family Portraits in Flagstaff

If you know Brewer, you probably know that earlier this year, she was diagnosed with a softball sized tumor on her kidney. It was just a few days before she turned one. When I met Jeff and Sunshine, they were looking at their tiny daughter possibly having cancer. They couldn’t get treatment right way because of some complications, including that Brewer had RSV. However, when her surgery finally happened in early March, they removed what was found to be a benign “cystic nephroma” and determined that no further treatment (chemo or radiation) would be required.

You’d never know what she’s been going though because she seems to be her happy bright self again, laughing and walking and being amazing. Brewer still needs to return to Phoenix for regular ultrasounds to make sure she remains healthy, so please keep her in your good thoughts!CoffmanBalmat15_025002CoffmanBalmat15_004N 003CoffmanBalmat15_012004CoffmanBalmat15_030005CoffmanBalmat15_016   008CoffmanBalmat15_011BWWe made these portraits on Jeff and Sunshine’s wedding anniversary, which made it even more special.

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Keiji Iwai & Kristen Dacey Iwai



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