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Sometimes you meet somebody and it’s kind of humbling. When I first talked to Hannah, it was that way. A single mom to 4 young kids, she seems to make balancing work, life, and motherhood look totally manageable. Although I know it’s not easy. She seems to succeed by keeping her priorities straight, even while holding down a demanding job as a nurse.

When I first spoke with her, she was in her kitchen, balancing the phone on her shoulder, laughing and making cookies with her kids. When I ask her about how she finds the time to tickle, play and bake with her kids she tells me her philosophy, “I would much rather play outside with my children then clean my house.” She even prioritizes having pictures that her kids could look back on, where SHE actually made an appearance, something we mom’s are notorious for neglecting.

When the crew arrives for the session, she is totally prepared; double outfits for the kids, just in case, snacks, everything they might need. She has a talent for going with the flow of her children, each of her adorable kiddos possessing the same endearing ability to giggle and snuggle. It’s clear where they get it from.

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Kristen Dacey Iwai of KDI Photography is a full-time professional portrait photographer based in Flagstaff, Arizona with decades of experience. Making portraits of families, pregnancy, newborns, babies, children, and high school seniors in her downtown studio and on location, she serves clients from Flagstaff, Sedona, Tuba City, Winslow, Payson, Page, Williams, Prescott, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona

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