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A Triumph Over Adversity – Family Portraits in Flagstaff

Have you ever taken a break from social media or just been caught up with the whirlwind of your own life, only to look up and see that you missed something important? That happened to me last year when I discovered that my friends, the Samuel Koshutas had been going through some serious trials.

It started when Jen needed surgery in California with a specialist. The plan: recover back here in Flagstaff, check in via telehealth visits, and in 6 weeks, she would see some big improvements in her mobility and physical comfort.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. The surgery was far longer and more complicated than anticipated, which meant that the recovery would take months, not weeks. They needed to travel back and forth to California, AND somehow simultaneously run a business, take care of two kids, all while Jen relearned how to walk. The whole family had to pitch in. The boys stepped up, helping Jen with the myriad of tasks that her limited mobility hindered. Nick worked triple time at their busy optometry practice, Flagstaff Eye Care, to cover both his and Jen’s patients and run the business. Hardest of all, Jen needed to do extensive rehab, working her way painfully, though a walker, a back brace, and crutches. Although Jen is still recovering, she can now walk with he help of a cane, a huge improvement.

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Ask them about it now and they’ll tell you honestly. It’s been really, really hard. But with help from family and friends, the awesome physical therapists at Flagstaff Bone and Joint, the unwavering support of Nick and the boys, Jen will tell you that their faith has deepened and their family is stronger. They both express so much gratitude for how far they’ve come and the people who have helped. It’s inspiring.

When Jen got in touch to plan family portraits, we had a very different mission from our previous sessions. We wanted to visually tell the story of this triumphant recovery and how strong this beautiful family has become. I loved documenting their family’s love and humor, Jen’s fierce strength, even the fact that playing football was a sanity saver for the boys. I missed the beginning of this story but I’m grateful to have been able to document this victorious chapter.

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