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flagstaff portrait photographer – framing your prints

A client recently came to see me, lugging a huge package of frames. She wanted to show me how she’d framed some of the prints she had ordered from me. She had placed the borderless, full frame 8×10 prints in the same sized frames… makes sense, right? Buy an 8×10 print, then put it in an 8×10 frame. Isn’t that what they make them for?

Later, we talked about matting and she got matted prints, placing them in some beautiful frames. The difference was dramatic and she wanted to share it with me. “Tell your clients about this!” she said. “The matted ones look so much better. I wish I had started there.”

Matted prints distinguish the images from your vacation photos and casual snapshots by placing an emphasis on the images as art. They say, “This is important to us. This matters.” The goal is to create unique, personal art for your home. The care you take in displaying the images goes a long way to reaching that goal.

So, look at the picture below … which ones look better to you?

You can find these particular frames at DardHunter.

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