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Some Senior Photos With an Unexpected Audience – Keira, Flagstaff High School, Class of 2023

They kept yelling.

We were in the woods far from “civilization” but it seemed like every human we encountered during Keira’s senior session wanted to wish her well and verbally acknowledge her beauty.



Kids on a group hike, cars and trucks bumping down the road, yelling out the window as they passed. You name it.


Heck, even the passing dogs barked a wagging greeting at her. She tends to inspire compliments, not just because she is indeed beautiful, but because she’s also the kind of person you want to compliment; kind, gracious, appreciative.

After it had happened a few times, her father – fresh from performing dental surgery yet now expertly holding my reflector – started calling over his shoulder.

“THANKS, I TRY!” :):)

The whole session was smile inducing. It was wonderful to see the ways that Keira had changed – and not changed – since I’d last photographed her. In the intervening 7 years, she has matured from a kid into a capable, accomplished woman with grit and determination, devoting many, many hours to soccer. But I was happy to see the joyfulness and easy laugh remained a constant. I’m so excited for her senior year and all that comes next for her.

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